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Get the best rate, no fees.

To travel like a local you must carry a minimum of local currencies with you. ICE trades more than 60 foreign currencies so we are here to help you get ready for your next trip.

We have recently partnered with AMA (Alberta Motor Association) to offer our clients more pick up points. And it's not all, orders collected at AMA will get our BEST RATES ever, no fees!


Find a Location in Calgary

In Calgary ICE is at Calgary International Airport and Calgary Market Mall. You can now also order online and pick up at the closest AMA location. We can deliver your currencies at:

  • AMA Shawnessy
  • AMA Willowpark
  • AMA Sunridge
  • AMA Calgary Main
  • AMA Crowfoot
  • Any other AMA location in Alberta!


You can pick up your currencies directly at the airport

ICE is present at Calgary International Airport (YYC). You can order and pick up directly at the airport if you run out of time.
If you miss your flight at Calgary International Airport, you can also complete your order in any other major airport in Canada or any of our city branches.

If you need your currency without delay, choose next day pick up. You can always pick up at the airport for a quicker delivery. 

Order online to make sure you don't pay any service fees.

Pick up at AMA to get our best exchange rates.

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About ICE - International Currency Exchange

We are a foreign exchange company that you can count on. Our worldwide experience in the domain and our constant quest for development make us a leader in the business.  On average, we manage a transaction every 6 seconds and serve more than 7 million customers a year. Every customer is important to us.

We sell currencies at a competitive rate with a convenient service for travelers because we believe your well-earned vacations should be enjoyed to the fullest.  Whether it is for our products quality or for our customer service support, we are always reliable.