10 Things you Need to Know Before Travelling to Germany

On Sundays, everything is closed!

Grocery stores, shopping centres, restaurants… in short, 95% of stores are not open since Sunday is considered a religious day and a day of rest. It is better to stay at home and be careful not to make any noise, as neighbors might get offended.

Public transportation is the best way to get around!

In Germany public transports are really cheap!  The means of transport such as the Metro (U-Bahn, underground), the bus (for the suburbs or the locals), the train (S-Bahn) are well developed. You can buy your tickets directly to the station. You don't need to  scan  the train ticket, you just have to have  your ticket with you. Public transports are so well developed and easily accessible that car travel is not recommended.

Beer is cheap!

If you fancy a little refreshment, I would suggest having a fine beer. In Germany, they are only 1 euro, are sold everywhere and their size is much bigger than the beers to which we are used to in Canada. We can drink it almost anywhere except in church, in museums and in sacred places. In addition, we can leave the bottles on the side of the streets and the beggars will pick them up.

There are plenty of free activities to do! 

Visit the Berlin Wall, visit one of the many free or cheap museums, visit churches and climb rooftops, visit castles you can easily access with the S-Bahn.

 Toilets are not free!

In Germany, when you have to use the toilet and you see a bowl of change, it is frowned upon to leave nothing since it is intended to collect voluntary contributions. You'll understand that it's important to ask for change in case you need it!

The tip is included! 

When you go to a restaurant, most of the time the tip is included in the bill total.  The tip is 15%. If, however, the tip is not included on the paper bill, it will be at your discretion to leave it to the waiter. 

Taxes are also included!

Prices displayed include taxes. Good news, you don't have to calculate it or add it to the total amount!

The Germans are serious on recycling!

In Germany, there are up to 7 categories of waste and recycling. Please note that you should not throw your waste in the wrong category.

Watch out, pedestrians!

When you walk down the street, you must be careful because you can't cross the street anywhere, you’d like. There are specific places to walk the streets. If this rule is broken, you may receive a warning.

A snack to absolutely try! 

If you have a little craving, you should definitely try the Döner. It’s like a Shish-Kebab sandwich and it is REALLY good!

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Myriam BretonMyriam Breton

Interested by languages, passionate about travelling and being naturally so kind, Myriam integrated easily the ICE team. She always improved her knowledge to advise our customers beyond expectations. From operational management to human resources, Myriam worked on several projects in the business. She is now focusing on her university studies, but she still shares her knowledge on the ICE blog!