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5 Tips to Help You Save Money for Your Next Roadtrip to the USA

1. Travel during the low season.

In order to avoid the inflate prices of the high season which is from June to August and December, it is necessary to make sure to travel when it is the low season which is from January to May and September to November. By traveling during this period, which is less busy, you could save a lot of money.                                                               

2. Planning!

We often have the impression that a roadtrip means leaving on a whim without planning anything. In order to save money, we suggest that you actually prepare and plan your roadtrip. When traveling, there are only advantages to being organized and booking your activities in advance. This could save you money on your excursions, your hotel rooms and your trips.           

3. Gas Buddy!

Who says "roadtrip" says gas. In order to make you save money, we suggest you download the Gas Buddy app. This app will indicate you which of the nearby petrol stations sell gasoline at a lower price.                                                                                     

4. Budget, budget, budget!

When traveling, it is nice to go out to eat, taste new food and experiment new flavors. On the other hand, eating in restaurants can be very expensive. In order to make you save money and not spend all of your budget on food, we recommend that you buy some groceries at the nearby grocery store.                                                                                                              

5. Click&Collect

When traveling to the United States, we must make sure to convert our Canadian money into US dollars. Sometimes this creates additional costs because of the exchange rate that can be pretty high. To make your life easier, ICE's Click & Collect service offers you the possibility to pre-order your currencies online and enjoy the best rate with no additional fees.

I hope these 5 tips will make your roadtrip even better. Have fun!

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