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Because We Don’t Know What to Give for Christmas Anymore…

You are lacking inspiration for your Christmas presents? Someone you love is departing for a trip soon and you don’t know what to offer? It is hard to find THE Christmas gift for your teenage nephew? You could offer them something that will please anyone in any given situation:  cash! Here are 5 reasons proving it is a great idea:

1. Giving a Currency Is Giving a Dream.
When you give a loved one a currency for his or her trip, you take part in an incredible experience with them. The traveller to whom you offered the money will think about you when using your gift at their destination. Even if there is no traveller in your inner circle, offering foreign currency to a loved one may be the step forward they needed to start planning their dream trip.

2. You Are Sure That You Are Not Making a Mistake.
The person you are offering the gift to can use it like he or she pleases. That person will be able to buy whatever he/she needs … or wants! 

3. Because Nobody Likes Clutter.
How many times did you receive something you didn’t need and it ended up collecting dust at the bottom of your closet? Offering Canadian dollars or a foreign currency will not clutter your house!

4. It Is a Green Gift.
You are not buying an object or non-necessary things. Therefore, you are not taking part of over consumption. The received bills can be invested in activities or experiences that will make memories the receiver will cherish forever.

5. Seriously, Who Doesn’t Need Cash?
Do we really need to say more? It is uncommon to hear someone complain about how too much money they have!

You know what to give, here is how to give it.

Inserting money in a greeting card is a classic, but here are other personalized ways to give money as a gift while making it look thoughtful.

Wrap it up!
Use the money to wrap another gift: it can be a travel guide or something smaller like candy bars. If you don’t have enough notes to cover it all, roll or fold the note and use it as a wrapping ornament.

Pop it up!
It’s easy to make Christmas crackers with toilet paper’s rolls, wrapping paper and ribbons. Insert the cash in the wrapped roll and tie both ends with a ribbon. It’s that easy!


Message in a Bottle
Keep the travel theme on and insert the bills in a glass bottle with a liege cork. Bonus point if you put a hand-written note inside it!


For the sweet tooth…
Use an emptied (or started) box of chocolates and place the folded or rolled bills at the chocolate place. Guaranteed smiles when the box will open!


Piggy Bank
Place a part of the bills in the opening of the bank. It is an original wrapping and it can push the receiver towards smart savings for his trip!

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