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My Trip to Jamaica!

After many trips, I can say without the shadow of a doubt that my trip to Jamaica has been one of the best of my entire life. In Jamaica, I felt a lot of love all throughout my vacations. The locals are welcoming and convey their good energy to tourists! 


In Jamaica, two currencies are used daily. Either Jamaican dollar and US dollar. Banks and ATM’s have the options to withdraw cash in either currency. I left with a little of both currencies. When I arrived, I noticed that the major part of prices are advertised in USD and Jamaicans are expecting tourists to pay with US Dollars.

How much should you bring?

I left for a week and my hotel (all-included) was already paid for. All that was left for me to pay were: tours, treats and souvenirs. For two people, I brought 1500 USD. This amount was used to pay for 3 tours, to buy some souvenirs and get three meals with drinks in restaurants.

Price examples :

  • Hamburger with french fries = 20 USD
  • Coca-Cola = 5 USD
  • Water bottle = 3 USD
  • A full-day tour = 150 USD

Food and drinks

Typical Jamaican food is delicious. I recommend you try ‘’Jerky chicken’’. The food in my hotel was great when compared to many other ‘’all-included’’ in the southern hemisphere. As for water, you can drink it without problems. I was staying in Montego Bay and I drank tap water without any inconvenience. Water bottles can be expensive, so I suggest to bring your own water bottle and fill it during your trip. However, if you travel to remote areas or on the mountain areas, you might not find good tap water, so buying water bottles is recommended.


After experiencing many vacations down south, I know that it is important to know that we are safe in a foreign country. The feeling of safety is omnipresent. We do not feel as if we are in danger, I did not see many policemen around.

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Carole FrenetteCarole Frenette

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