Voyage Taux

5 things any snowbird should know to save money this winter


  1. Change a large amount of currency before heading down south - Dont be left stuck paying ATM charges when you can get it all in one go with ICE - ICE has your back ;)
  2. Make sure you know what rates/commission your credit card is charging - a lot of people can be left living in regret after finding out too late what charges are being given on their cards after they have used them - Dont be one of them!
  3. Stay away from expensive transfer fees between Canada to US bank accounts - We've seen fees increase in regards to this in recent times - Dont be left caught out!
  4. Handiness of ICE - You know how much youre getting / our charges and we've been doing it fro years - You know us by now, we hope  ;)
  5. Location - Be aware of where you're staying, not every place will offer exchange - As they say its about 'location, location, location'  ;)

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