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Everything you Need to Know About your Upcoming Trip to Brazil!

It is now easier and cheaper than ever for Canadians to travel to Brazil. Indeed, it has never been easier and faster to obtain an entry visa to visit the magnificent country that is Brazil. To make sure that you enjoy your travel as much as possible, we decided to share with you our top 10 of things to know when travelling to this beautiful country!

  1.  Make sure you have enough cash on hand for small expenses.
  2. Be aware that it is not always required to leave tip. In restaurants, 15% of the total of your bill is already included as tip. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can always ask for it to be removed. Brazilians do not usually leave tip for cab drivers and hotel room cleaning services.
  3. The tax is already included in the prices displayed in stores.
  4. For your safety, we recommend you consult the tourism offices and do business with official tour guides to make sure that you are not in a dangerous neighborhood. Brazil has a high crime-related rate so be aware, try hiding your high valuables objects and cash. For more details about security during your trip:
  5. It is not recommended to ride taxis without using a renowned brand such as Uber, Cabfy or 99-Taxi. It is safer and you will also make sure to pay the right amount for your ride.
  6. If you are travelling on a budget, know that meats, fruits, coffee and soccer game tickets are not expensive.
  7. Access to beaches is always free.
  8. Exchange offices inside airports are usually expensive. In fact, everything inside of an airport is 3 to 4 times more expensive than usual. Exchange your cash before leaving.
  9. If your hotel and plane tickets are already paid for, we recommend 1000 BRL for a two weeks trip.
  10. Do not use USD when buying, most places will not accept them and if they do, they will accept your dollars at a higher rate to make it to their advantage.

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Vinicius DE SÁVinicius DE SÁ

Diplômé en sciences économiques à l’école de commerce FAE à Curitiba au Brésil, Vinicius est passionné par les domaines de l’économie et de la finance. Après plus de cinq ans d’expérience de travail au niveau bancaire, Vinicius a rejoint la grande famille ICE en tant que cambiste. En plus de posséder beaucoup d’expérience dans le domaine, en tant que brésilien, Vinicius est la personne de référence pour vous donner de bons conseils de voyage pour votre prochaine destination : le Brésil!